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“The first-rate service provided by the Support Desk Team is a hugely important factor in our loyalty to Scientia and their products.” - Dorte M.E. Jensen, Københavns Universitet, Denmark

The successful installation of our software products at your institution is just the beginning of your relationship with Scientia.  Positive user experience is paramount to us and we provide technical product support in a number of ways:
• On the phone in a range of languages though our dedicated Service Desk Agents
• Through our online Self-Service Portal, where you can log support requests and find the latest Knowledge Items – updates based on software patches, new releases, and frequently asked questions
• Through the Scientia User Forum – an active user community which offers both peer-to-peer and staff support

How Scientia Service Desk support Works

When we receive a support request, our skilled Service Desk Agents determine its priority (P) based on its severity and urgency. This forms the basis of our Service Level Agreement with customers:
• P1 has a response time of <2 hours and a complete/fix time of <8 hours
• P2 has a response time of <6 hours and a complete/fix time of <2 days
• P3 has a response time of <8 hours and a complete/fix time of <5 days

Our commitment to excellent customer service is evident in our 2015 SLA outcomes: 90% of all support requests are dealt with in the promised time or faster.

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Self-service portal :
Email :
Telephone :  +44 (0)1223 884911

Asia Pacific

Self-service portal :
Email :
Telephone :  +61 2 9929 9292 

How to use the self-service portal