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Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

Student Allocator

Lady with laptopImprove your service to students

For institutions, student engagement is vital to ensure the academic success and retention of existing students and to attract new ones.  In today’s challenging education climate, students are demanding an improved service from their institutions.  They wish to select their modules and activities and obtain a personalised timetable.

Student Allocator addresses these challenges and is used by thousands of students and staff around the world.  An online web portal, it enables students to make choices of activities, modules and tutorials for themselves on-line within a controlled environment.

Student Allocator not only improves the student and staff experience but improves the whole process between systems:

SA_processStudent Allocator enables you to manage effectively:

  • Module Selection – you can ensure that students’ choices are consistent with your programme rules for optional modules, electives and pre-requisites.
  • Activity Selection – you can provide individual, up-to-date, clash-free timetables.  Students can change the times that they attend seminars, tutorials or lectures if alternatives are available – particularly useful for students with work or childcare commitments.
  • Preference Selection – you can use Student Allocator to collect preferences for modules or alternative teaching activities at the institution and to create and manage waiting lists.
  • Communication – Student Allocator integrates with your email system, enabling you to send confirmation of choices selected back to students.

  • Increased student satisfaction Allows students or staff to select options and make changes through the self-service application.  This improves their satisfaction with their timetable and their institution.
  • Self-service - reduced time administering and checking students’choices Student Allocator’s graphical interface makes it easy to create and review programme structures and rules.  This enables choices to be made safely by both staff and students within pre-defined controlled limits, so less time is spent on advising students or sorting out errors later.
  • Maintain a clash-free timetable Linked into Enterprise Foundation, students will be prevented from selecting clashing activities and avoiding double bookings
  • Provide staff approval of student choices Student Allocator allows staff to review, approve or modify students’ choices on-line.  The system allows staff to document waivers to rules for individual students with reasons recorded for audit purposes.
  • Can take into account existing timetable choices Linked into Enterprise Foundation, Student Allocator takes into account any existing timetable when selecting modules.
  • Facilitate improved attendance monitoring and retention rates Improve tracking of student swaps between tutorial and seminar groups and the accuracy of class lists.  Earlier identification of problems will lead to action resulting in improved retention rates.
  • Saves IT/MIS department time having to develop and maintain their own web portals
  • Integrates with other internal systems
  • Self service Fully customable User Interface (UI) for students.  Student advisors and staff can make selections working with students.
  • Functionality to suit all types of preferences Students can make changes to their choice of modules, tutorials, seminars, practicals and lectures on-line through the web portal.
  • Staff can allocate students in bulk as well as individually
  • Students can communicate with staff through the Notes feature
  • Intelligent allocation Prevents selection of capped modules that are full + automatic clash checking if timetable already exists.  Pre-requisites to take account of modules passed in previous years or other qualifications
  • Create personalised student timetables by integrating with our Enterprise Foundation timetabling software
  • Option to use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for additional reports which allows Student Allocator data to be customised and manipulated in a variety of interactive web based reports for business intelligence purposes.
  • Audit trail of student transactions viewable by authorised staff, additionally staff can report on popularity of activities.
  • Students can view their module and activity choices as well as their complete timetable.

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